If you need to return your scale please use the following addresses to send the scale to our warranty department:

My Weigh Warranty Dept
3401 W Papago Street
Phoenix, AZ 85009
My Weigh Canada
PO BOX 95036
Vancouver, BC V6P 6V4 Canada
My Weigh Europe
Koepestrasse 17
41812 Erkelenz

Sorry you’re having problems with your scale. Don’t freak out; we fully stand behind our scales. If you’re not able to fix it using any of our online guides, we will gladly fix or replace your scale.

If you have not already done so, refer to the instructions for advanced programming / user repair that are found on this website for some models. Many of our scales can usually be fixed if you follow the advanced guides on this website.

Be sure you’re using a fresh set of batteries and be sure there are no sources of electromagnetic interference (cordless phones, cell phones, TV’s etc.) near the scale.

For warranty service we will need three things from you:
1) The Scale itself (don’t send any accessories, adaptors or weights)
2) A copy of your original sales receipt or printout of online purchase record.
3) The original warranty card that came with the scale, filled out so we can process your return.
If you have lost your documentation or receipt please read the section “Lost your Documentation” for further instructions.Note: see below about abuse and new security issues. Every My Weigh Scale comes with an individual serial numbered warranty card (the serial correlates to the scale’s internal serial number). This card has our full warranty information along with the address to return the scale. We use special serialized warranty cards to ensure security (protect against fakes and illegal knock-offs) and to guarantee our warranty work. My Weigh is #1 in our market and thus unscrupulous companies have been caught offering fake or falsely labeled units.
We are an international company with offices worldwide. Thus each scale uses a special warranty card that sometimes gives specific warranty information and address for that region.
We also require a copy of your sales receipt (to show the purchase date of the scale so we will know when the warranty period started).
Please refer to your warranty card and follow the return instructions. We promise to replace or repair your warranted scale within 2 business days of receipt* (due to new heightened security, electronic scales are taking several days longer to be delivered via Mail so please note it may take between 5-9 days for shipping in each direction).
*Note that scales which were sold as closeouts such as the Galileo may not be covered under this program. Please contact your product vendor for support and warranty questions on any closeout item.
WHAT IS COVERED: Any and all manufacturing defects or defects in materials or craftsmanship.

WHAT IS NOT COVERED: Any damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident (dropping or otherwise shocking the scale) normal wear & tear, or physical damage. Accessories, bowls, trays, finishes, clasps, hinges, feet, AC adaptors and batteries are not covered by this warranty. Also any incidental or consequential damage or loss is not covered.

There are no warranties of merchantability or of fitness expressed or implied, which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. In no event shall My Weigh be liable for damages in excess of the purchase price. My Weigh neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for it any liability in connection with this product. To prevent possible loss, please send your scale via registered and insured service. You must pay the cost to return the scale to us, we will pay the cost to send you a repaired or replaced unit.

Abuse, misuse or mistreatment (ie if you Overload or drop the scale) VOIDS all warranties. We do our best to make all of our scales as durable as possible. However there is no way for us to fully prevent all damage due to shocking, dropping or overloading the scale. Therefore we cannot warranty any scale that has been dropped, shocked, or overloaded. When we receive a defective scale with serious scratches or marks on the housing, we know the damage was caused by dropping or abusing the scale and void the warranty. However, if you ship us a perfectly normal scale that just doesn’t work right, we’ll gladly send you a new one!!!

SPECIAL NOTES: All scales that are sent to us without either the required documentation OR a the lost documentation service charge will be disposed of without replacement. ENHANCED SECURITY RULES SINCE 9/11: Be sure your scale is completely clean and free of any gunpowder or ANY foreign materials. We hope you understand, we have opened scales in the past before to find them full of gunpowder – it is possible to ignite the gunpowder by simply turning the scale on! And since many of our scales are used in Labs, we must assume that any foreign material or dirt on a scale is a hazardous substance and safely dispose of the scale immediately!
“Weights & Measures may be ranked among the necessaries of life to every individual of human society.” …..John Quincy Adams, 1821

I sent you my scale, now where is my replacement scale?

Our warranty replacement scales are handled by our Warranty Department They process all repairs/replacements within 48 hours of receipt. Then they send the repaired or replacement unit back to you via UPS Ground within North America or Air Mail for all other countries.

Often, it can take about one week for your scale to get to our warranty department, then 48 hours (2 days) for turnaround time, then up to one week for UPS Ground return shipping. Plus you must factor in time for possible delays by the shipping companies (especially those new security delays). Thus it can take between 6-21 days from the day you sent the scale to receive a replacement unit. We are not allowed to begin a trace request to our warranty department unless 20 days have passed from the day you sent it and you sent it via a traceable service. Please be patient and wait until it’s been 20 days since you sent your scale to us before you request tracking information.

OVER 20 DAYS?: If it has been more then 20 days since you sent your scale and the SPECIAL NOTES warning above does not apply to you, then please email over20days@myweigh.com with this information:



A) The Tracking number for your returned item: (if you did not send it via a traceable service then we have no way to verify and look into your return):
B) Your Name:
C) Your full address:
E) Date you sent the return:
F) Item name, description & color:
G) Where you sent the scale to:
H) Any special marks on the box or unit (to help us locate it):


We’re sorry to ask you for so much information but we need it to help find your return 🙂

If you need to contact us regarding a warranty please fill out out our Warranty Contact Form