• 0.1kg
  • 0.2lb
  • warranty
  • AAA
The TITAN is a very popular choice, extra durable bathroom scale – with a 150kg/330lb/23st capacity, and a bevelled non-slip surface, this scale makes every day personal weighing easier, and as a result, simply making every day easier. Though it is a bathroom scale, it’s design is very similar to that of commercial scales (e.g. warehouse scales)
Some features that are included are a Auto-off/energy saving, Polymer coated steel platform and a bevelled non-slip surface
Power3 AAA batteries (included)
Display1.25″ backlit LCD : 1.125″ digits
PlatformPolymer coated steel
Platform Size12.75″ x 12.5″
Scale Size12.75″ x 12.5″ x 2″
Weighing Modes3
TITAN Weighing Modes
Kilograms150.0 kg0.1 kg
Stones : Pounds23 st : 7 lb0.1 kg
Pounds330.0 lb1 lb