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The My Weigh HDCS Series scales. These scales were made to function in a warehouse environment as well as small office, home, shipping & receiving, spot-checking & much, much more with their 14″x16″ Heavy-Duty Stainless-Steel Platform; it beats many similar scales in its class for platform size. The large 1″ Backlit LCD Display is easy to read from a distance & is larger than most in its class as well. The extra-long 6′ Cord makes the LCD Display & controls versatile enough to be hung on a wall (with the included hanging-brackets), or can also be set on a table for easy-viewing. Controls are easy-to-use & have full Tare, Zero & Hold functions that are key functions for many users.

1. Press and hold [HOLD] ( do not release). Turn on the scale, release when the display shows the auto-off time setting “ A-OFF, A-120, A-180, A-300

2. Press [z] to toggle auto-off settings:
i) A-120 = 120 seconds.
i) A-180 = 180 seconds.
i) A-300 = 300 seconds.
i) A-OFF = Auto-off is disabled.

3. Press [H] to enter backlight setting mode or turn the scale OFF and On to return to normal weighing mode

HDCS 60 Scale Weighing Modes
Kilograms60 kg0.02 kg
Pounds132.00 lb0.05 lb
HDCS 150 Scale Weighing Modes
Kilograms150.00 kg0.05 kg
Pounds330.0 lb0.1 lb