LOST YOUR DOCUMENTATION? If you lost your receipt and/or warranty card then unfortunately we must charge you a warranty service fee as outlined below. This is partially because we must open and inspect each unit to be sure it is a genuine My Weigh Scale. Please send your scale with a note that both describes the problem and gives your return address along with a check or money order made payable to My Weigh for the amount listed below to one of our main service centers

Service charges:

All Pocket & Mini Scales: $25 / 25€ (EU) All Medium & Large scales: $35 / 35€ (EU)

My Weigh Warranty Dept
3315-B W. Buckeye RD
Phoenix AZ 85009 USA

My Weigh Canada
PO BOX 95036
Vancouver, BC V6P 6V4 Canada

My Weigh Europe
Koepestrasse 17
41812 Erkelenz

We are sorry but our Asian offices do not accept any "lost documentation" returns.

SPECIAL NOTES: All scales that are sent to us without either the required documentation OR the proper check/money order will be disposed of without replacement. ENHANCED SECURITY RULES SINCE 9/11: Be sure your scale is completely clean and free of any gunpowder or ANY foreign materials. We hope you understand, we have opened scales in the past before to find them full of gunpowder – it is possible to ignite the gunpowder by simply turning the scale on! And since many of our scales are used in Labs, we must assume that any foreign material or dirt on a scale is a hazardous substance and safely dispose of the scale immediately!

"Weights & Measures may be ranked among the necessaries of life to every individual of human society." …..John Quincy Adams, 1821

I sent you my scale, now where is my replacement scale?

Our warranty replacement scales are handled by our Warranty Department They process all repairs/replacements within 48 hours of receipt. Then they send the repaired or replacement unit back to you via UPS Ground within North America or Air Mail for all other countries.

Often, it can take about one week for your scale to get to our warranty department, then 48 hours (2 days) for turnaround time, then up to one week for UPS Ground return shipping. Plus you must factor in time for possible delays by the shipping companies (especially those new security delays). Thus it can take between 6-21 days from the day you sent the scale to receive a replacement unit.

We are not allowed to begin a trace request to our warranty department unless 20 days have passed from the day you sent it and you sent it via a traceable service. Please be patient and wait until it’s been 20 days since you sent your scale to us before you request tracking information.

OVER 20 DAYS?: If it has been more then 20 days since you sent your scale and the SPECIAL NOTE warning above does not apply to you, then please email over20days@myweigh.com with this information:

The Tracking number for your returned item: (if you did not send it via a traceable service then we have no way to verify and look into your return sorry):

Your Name:

Your full address:

Date you sent the return:

Item name, description & color:

Where you sent the scale to:

Any special marks on the box or unit (to help us locate it):